Town And Country Pet Resort Llc Boarding

Technical Features

Town and Country Pet Resort, LLC has been designed to provide care and comfort

for your pet in a clean, controlled environment.

Flooring:  Antimicrobial - Always Dry

  • Everlast Epoxy Flooring

    • EPA-registered antimicrobial flooring component, inhibits the growth of odor causing germs and bacteria.

    • Seamless, non-porous flooring creates an effective defense against unwanted pests.

  • HT Kennel Vac Pro Wash/Vacuum System

    • Dispenses sanitizer by pressurized spray nozzle.

    • Once disinfected, the vacuum removes remaining product, dirt, and germs, leaving a clean and moisture free floor.

Clean Fresh Air

  • Puradigm-Zone

    • Works proactively to neutralize harmful pathogens (molds, smoke, viruses, and bacteria), and revert them to a harmless state.

    • Arrests contaminants throughout entire indoor space, well under OSHA and EPA limits for vapor Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone.

Sound Control

  • Tectum Ceiling System

    • Suspended acoustical ceiling provides high sound absorption.

    • Green product, with no toxic binders, does not support growth of mold or bacteria.

  •  Kennel System

    • Acrylic, antimicrobial, honeycomb sound dampening walls in suites and condos. 

    • Foam system surrounding individual studios.